Riccione Wedding

simply the perfect destination

Riccione Wedding is your point of reference to realize the wedding you always dreamed about!

Riccione Wedding is born to support you with the organization of this special day and it coordinates the various aspects and services which will give life to your dreams’ marriage!

Riccione Wedding chooses the best local professionals and together with them takes care of your desires!

You only need to contact our Destination Wedding Assistant: we will look after anything!


The wedding day is one of the most important moments in our life: the memory of this day will always accompany us and our beloveds.

For this reason everything has to be perfect, starting from the location where the ceremony takes place!

Both for a religious, laical or, why not?, symbolic ritual, it’s the fitting location that will make this day special, and Riccione is simply the perfect destination for your wedding!


civil ceremony and nuptial reception

The location is certainly one of the most important components of a wedding!

Riccione Wedding helps you find your perfect location, according to your passions, your personality and the way you imagined this special day!

You can also choose between arranging your nuptial reception in the same location where the civil ceremony will take place, or to move and celebrate in a different location!

Unconventional Wedding

A classic wedding with a white gown, touched bridesmaids and an ethereal, romantic location represents the dream of many couples, the perfect way to celebrate their harmony!

There are, anyway, many lovers who have a less traditional idea of romanticism and would like to celebrate their feeling in a more eccentric way.