Getting married soon

The Wedding Day is one of the most important moments of our life, its memory will be indelible in our minds.

That’s why everything has to be perfect, starting from the place where the wedding will be celebrated.

Religious, civil or symbolic ceremony, it will be the right location to make that Day special, and Riccione is simply the perfect destination for your wedding.

Tailor-made services for  newlyweds, unique places for the ceremony, unconventional weddings following your own passions and a beautiful sea destination like Riccione will make your promises special.

Get in touch with our wedding assistant, we will provide everything that you need!


Civil Ceremony and Wedding Party

Many places will live up to your expectations, from the sandy beach to the castle on the hill through Art Nouveau villas….

  • Beach n° 7 Riccione
  • Agolanti Castle
  • Mussolini Villa
  • Lodi Fè Villa

They all seem to be perfect places to immortalize your best moments forever

Wedding Party

If you want  a different location for you wedding party, we can offer you other solutions

  • Riccione City Eye Congress Centre
  • Hotels on the Riccione seaside
  • Villas in the countryside

Unconventional Wedding

Follow your passion and celebrate your unconventional wedding…here you can do it…

  • Cycling


We can assist  you in the organization of all the activities that you need for your perfect wedding:

  • Advice concerning the identification, selection and formalization of contracts with various suppliers (location for the wedding party, florists, catering services, support to carry out the bureaucratic procedures, videographers, photographers, car rental etc.).
  • Management of the wedding list and guests including hotel accommodation and organization of activities for their free time
  • Organization of any pre-wedding parties (hen/stag)
  • Supervision of all activities on your wedding day
  • Honeymoon Planning

Welcoming Hotel

In Riccione you can find hotels, of various classes, from cozy family-run guesthouses to the most prestigious and elegant 4/5 star hotels, a wide choice to suit everyone’s needs.

Riccione is known also for the friendliness and warmth of the people working in the field of tourism, the special skills that will make your stay unique and unforgettable.


10 good reasons to celebrate your wedding in Riccione:

  • Charming locations and hotels
  • Long-standing tradition of hospitality
  • Top class cuisine and shopping
  • Beautiful surrounding areas
  • Enjoyable climate
  • Endless opportunities before and after your wedding
  • Spa and well-being
  • Sport activities
  • Emotions and entertainment
  • Easy to reach from any national or international destination

Airports info

2 International airports less than an hour from Riccione (BOLOGNA – ANCONA)

Distance from the most important Italian cities:

  • BOLOGNA Km 130
  • FIRENZE Km 230
  • VENEZIA Km 270
  • MILANO Km 340
  • ROMA Km 380


Riccione Wedding

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