Villa Mussolini

Villa Mussolini, situated in a very central spot, few steps from the beach, was built in 1890 with the name of Villa Margherita and after changing several owners was purchased by Donna Rachele Mussolini in 1934.

The event with which it got in her possession is quite bizarre and interesting: in fact, it seems that the Duce was unfavorable about the purchase and Donna Rachele, with the complicity of Mussolini’s private secretary, collected the royalties for some pieces written by her husband and used them to buy the Villa!

But with her great displeasure, the gracious dwelling became almost an extension of Venice Palace, constantly attended by hierarchs, politicians and businessmen even during vacations.

Villa Mussolini was dismembered after the war, and went through a period of decay.

Finally, with the collaboration between Cassa di Risparmio di Rimini and the town of Riccione, the Villa has been restructured and re-qualified. Today it hosts many exhibitions and events dedicated to art, and has become a point of reference for the intellectual events in Riccione.

The restorations were made in order to bring Villa Mussolini back to its original guise: the one of a beautiful and elegant summer residence.


Location suggested to who: is fascinated by history; is looking for a sober and elegant location.



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