Villa Lodi Fè

Villa Lodi Fè rises in the heart of a marvelous garden situated in front of Riccione’s station.

This residence, that looks like the ones in fairytales, has been judged as “of great historical and artistic interest” because it is one of the firsts “chalets in the park” built in Riccione.

Its structure is symmetrical and adorned with geometrical motifs: thanks to these features we can deduce it was erected in the 20s, even though we don’t know the exact date.

Built at Bolognese Decio Monti’s will, the cottage became property of the Lodi Fès through the wedding of a descendant.

Today it’s the headquarter of the journalistic prize Ilaria Alpi and of the Association “Riccione Teatro”.


Location suggested to who: has a romantic soul; is looking for an elegant and polished location.



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