Why does a couple choose to celebrate its wedding in Riccione? Our city always conquers a special place in the heart of those who visit it and it’s one of the first destinations which come to mind when we talk about “holidays”.

So the Green Pearl, surrounded by so much affection and capable of creating many marvelous feelings, becomes the perfect city to celebrate Love in!

Here it is summarised in 10 good reasons to organize your wedding in Riccione:

  • Unique and fascinating locations
  • Long tradition of hospitality and reception
  • Top quality cuisine
  • Enchanting backcountry
  • Pleasant climate
  • Spas and hot springs
  • Sport activities
  • Entertainment and shopping
  • Endless chances for your free time before and after the marriage
  • Easily reachable from the main national and international destinations


Riccione is less than 1 hour far from 2 international airports, those of Bologna and Ancona!

Distance from the most important Italian cities:

  • BOLOGNA Km 130
  • FIRENZE Km 230
  • VENEZIA Km 270
  • MILANO Km 340
  • ROMA Km 380


Riccione’s station, situated right in the city centre, makes the train an efficient and convenient choice to reach the Green Pearl of the Adriatic sea! Riccione is served by a crammed net of railway connections that allow to get here from all around Italy!